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Instructional Program Coherence

Instructional program coherence refers to a common instructional framework consisting of curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment for the pursuit of common goals and the organizational and resourcing procedures that support its sustained use.  The coherence of an instructional program matters for both students and teachers. 

  • Students achieve more in schools with more coherent instructional programs (Newmann, Smith, Allensworth, & Bryk, 2001).  
  • Teachers develop stronger professional communities when they have a common approach to teaching and learning (Bryk, Sebring, Allensworth, Luppescu, & Easton, 2010).  

Canyons School District implements a coherent instructional framework known as our MTSS Framework to ensure that students receive high-quality instruction every day.  The resources and evidence-based practices outlined in the framework support educators in teaching state standards using common, district-adopted curriculum and district-developed curriculum maps that include resources for teaching CSD instructional priorities as well as additional teaching resources. 

Curriculum and standards are adopted simultaneously when possible.  A tentative timeline for adopting standards and curriculum is outlined in the table below. Details about the annual curriculum adoption process and current curriculum resources can be explored using the menu bar on the right.  

Tentative Timeline

Click here for a more detailed timeline of the tentative approval process.