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Nearpod District Edition

Nearpod was recently purchased on a district-wide scale. One of the reasons we have chosen to invest so heavily in this program is because it makes classrooms engaging with technology in a new and revolutionary way.
Our district and schools have invested in mobile labs and stationary computer labs that can utilize this amazing tool. Instead of a Power Point presentation where students passively listen and take notes from the lecture, we can now insert interactive activities and address student understanding instantly. Content is more engaging and instant feedback takes the guess work out of teacher pacing. Imagine a class where everyone is on task and participating simultaneously. This is now possible, with Nearpod! 

Check out this Nearpod Homework Session that demonstrates some of the great features we can now utilize with our district license.

What You Need to Get Started:

To get started with the District License, contact your Ed Tech or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be trained (an hour or less) and obtain your exclusive district access as soon as possible! 

Any device (chromebook, iPad, Mac or PC laptop, Android device, or Mac or PC desktop) can use Nearpod. Check out this video to see how Teachers are using Nearpod.

We Have an Awesome Self-Guided 
Canvas Course we Created for Nearpod

This course is open to the public. Enjoy all it's features by clicking here.

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