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Grade Cam


GradeCam is an online tool teachers can use to record multiple-choice quizzes and tests. A camera (document camera or web cam) connected to a computer, instantly scans an answer sheet.  Item-by-item results are displayed immediately and stored for generating real-time reports, and any reports needed in the future. GradeCam Online also integrates with all electronic grade books. It does some of the same work as Scantron, but with many more bells and whistles:
  1. Speed. You get near instantaneous results.
  2. Can be scanned by either the teacher or the student.
  3. If scanned by the student, he/she can immediately see which answers are wrong.
  4. Scores can be transferred directly into Skyward Gradebook.

How it Works

To use GradeCam, you must purchase licenses per teacher or per school.  Find pricing information here.


1.  Simplifies grading multiple choice assignments.
2.  Imports students scores from GradeCam into Skyward.
3.  Students get immediate feedback and scores.


1.  Paid license per teacher or per school.
2.  Must have a document camera or web cam.