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    AAPPL World Language Testing

    AAPPL World Language Testing
    (ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages)
    2017 TESTING WINDOW:  November 1- December 1

    What is AAPPL?

    The AAPPL test is a performance assessment of standards-based language learning across the interpersonal, presentational and interpretive modes of language.  AAPPL tests listening,  speaking, reading and writing. Practice tests are available at

    The AAPPL Measure assesses the following modes of communication: 
    • Interpersonal Listening/Speaking
    • Presentational Writing
    • Interpretive Reading and Listening

    Who Takes Which Tests?


    What Technology is Required to Run the Test?

    AAPPL Measure is designed to function on the most commonly available technology: broadband internet; a relatively recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers; and headset with microphone. There are also various protocols that schools must follow prior to administering AAPPL Measure. To check your computer for compatibility with the AAPPL Measure test delivery system, see the AAPPL Measure System Check. It is very important that your school's IT support staff are notified at least 3 weeks in advance of testing, and ask them to review the TECHNOLOGY section of the AAPPL FAQs to be assured of required computer lab time, and computer readiness to administer AAPPL. Please also have an IT staff member on hand during testing to help with local computer, headset and microphone issues, should they occur. Please run the AAPPL Measure System Check on all computers and plug in and verify headset and microphone settings immediately prior to testing. If students will use their own laptops, rather than desktops in a lab, make sure the school receives all laptops well enough in advance on the day of testing to adjust the headset and microphone settings and run the AAPPL Measure System Check. If students will be taking the AAPPL writing component, they will be using their computer’s keyboard. Instructions for using the characters and conventions for AAPPL are found on the TECHNOLOGY section of the AAPPL FAQs.

    Special note for Chrome browser users: Please be aware that there is a security feature in Chrome that blocks access to the microphone used in the AAPPL Interpersonal Listening and Speaking test component. The user must now click on the “allow” button at the top of the page in order for the microphone to record audio. If not set, the microphone check will fail and the test taker will not be able to advance to AAPPL. See: for more information.

    If the Presentational Writing mode is being assessed, teachers must be made aware that familiarity with language support regarding keyboard functions is needed.  It is also very important that your school's technology coordinator or support person be notified well in advance of the test date in order to be assured of keyboard readiness when administering AAPPL.  The most common way in the US to type in a character-based language on a Windows-based computer is to set the input language. Alternatively, for older Windows-based computers, "Alt" key combinations can be used to enter diacritical marks for the French, German and Spanish assessments. For Macintosh computers, select the language as the input source in System Preferences. To check your computer keyboard for readiness, please go to the AAPPL Measure System Check.


    The time that students are in school is valuable and limited. CSD is committed to implementing educational practices that are the most likely to result in student success by using the best evidence from educational research and ongoing data-based problem solving. CSD recognizes that we can always improve practices and that student outcome data must guide necessary adjustments. We strive to implement what works best for all students not simply what works for some students.
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