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Elementary SALTA Testing

SALTA Testing takes place in the fall of every school year for entrance into the SALTA magnet program for the following school year.
Application and testing is now closed for the 2019-2020 school year.
SALTA Testing Materials
Canyons School District will use the following tests to determine placement for the SALTA magnet program.

SALTA Appeal Process

SALTA Magnet Services Appeal Process

A parent or guardian may appeal the decision of the SALTA Identification and Placement Committee to the District Appeal Committee for one reason:
  • Placement Reconsideration
Placement Reconsideration
An appeal for SALTA Placement Consideration applies to students who have been tested for the SALTA magnet program, but did not meet the criteria for acceptance.
Conditions for appeal:
  • A condition or circumstance believing to have caused an error in the testing results exists
  • There is substantial, compelling evidence that demonstrates a student’s need for magnet services
  • Parent/Guardian must complete and submit the SALTA APPEAL FORM (IN PERSON) to the SALTA Appeal Commitee, Canyons Administrative Building (CAB WEST) 9150 S. 500 W. Sandy, Utah 84070 no later than 3:30 PM on January 25, 2019.  No email or U.S. Postal Service Appeal Form/Document will be accepted.
  • Within 4-6 weeks, of submission, the District Appeals Committee will evaluate all pertinent data and determine if the student qualifies for SALTA magnet services.
  • Written notification of the committee's decision will be mailed to the Guardian listed on the SALTA Appeal Form.

SALTA Testing FAQ's

 FAQ about SALTA Testing
  • When is SALTA testing taking place this year?
    • Testing for entrance into the 2019-2020 SALTA Magnet Program will take place in October 2018.  The SALTA Request for Testing Form will be available online September 10, 2018 through midnight on October 3, 2018, at  You will be able to choose which testing blocks you desire when filling out the form.
  • Why are student tested on ipads and computers?
    • Online testing is being used for the following reasons:
      • The tests are individually paced for students
      • There is less human error (student) in "bubbling" answers
      • Ease of using iPads fro Grades K-1
        • Touch screens for ease and accuracy
        • There is no way for students to mark incorrectly for wrong questions as students are only presented one problem at a time.
        • Increased proctor supervision
  • Where can I pay my SALTA Fees?
    • After completing your SIGS you should be automatically redirected to RevTrak where you can pay your fee.  If you do not pay your fee you may go to one of the following links.
      • Click Here if your student does not attend a CSD school.
      • Click Here if you student has taken the SALTA test before and is not currently enrolled in SALTA.
  • How long will the SALTA Request for Testing Form (SALTA Application) be available?
    • The SALTA Request for Testing Form will be available online from 12:00 am, September 10, 2018 until 11:59 pm, October 3, 2018.  If you would like to have your child tested for entrance into the SALTA Magnet Program for the 2019-2020 school year, you will need to complete the application Request for Testing Form by 11:59 pm, October 3, 2018.  Late application will NOT be accepted.
  • Is SALTA a school or a district-wide program?
    • SALTA is inteded to include a range of services for Canyons School District students, meaning that all elementary and secondary schools provide supports for advanced learners to achieve high levels of performance.  The SALTA Magnet Program:  All SALTA Magnet classrooms are district programs and are supported through the Instructional Supports Department in the Canyons School District.  District programs may or may not remain at a specific school based upon the needs of the district as a whole.  Current SALTA Magnet classrooms are located at Peruvian Park Elementary, Sunrise Elementary and Midvale Middle
  • When will the results of SALTA testing be available?
    • All parents/guardians of student who were tested for the Canyons School District SALTA Magnet Program will receive a letter in the mail early January 2019, which will include assessment results.  This letter will also include a statement indicating whether or not your child met criteria for the SALTA Magnet Program.  Students who meet criteria will be recommended for full-time services in a SALTA Magnet classroom.  Parent/guardians who decline placement in a SALTA Magnet classroom for any reason, are encouraged to share the results of SALTA testing with the principal, school guidance counselor, or teacher at their neighborhood school.  This information will help shape future instruction to meet the unique needs of your student.
  • Will I be able to discuss test results with someone at the district-level?
    • Yes, you will be provided an opportunity to discuss test results with someone at the district level.  Information about when and how this will take place will be provided in the letter you receive in early January 2019 regarding your student's assessment results.
  • What happens if my student is not recommended for the SALTA Magnet Program?
    • Students who are not recommended for the SALTA Magnet Program will continue to attend their neighborhood school.  Canyons School District is dedicated to providing advanced learning services at each school within the district through the process of School District is dedicated to providing advanced learning services at each school within the district through the process of scaffolding and differentiated instruction.  Again, parents/guardians are encouraged to share their student's results with school personnel to help plan for future instruction.
  • If my child is accepted into the SALTA Magnet Program, will I be able to choose what school my child attends?
    • No, the SALTA administration team will determine all placements at SALTA Magnet classrooms.  Consideration will be given to home address, siblings, class, and school size.
  • Can a student participate in the SALTA Magnet Program and the Dual Immersion Program?
    • No, students who qualify and accept placement in the SALTA Magnet Program will be removed from any Dual Immersion waitlist.  Students cannot be enrolled in both the Dual Immersion and SALTA programs, therefore, parents must decide which program best meets the child's needs.
  • Will there be an appeals process?
    • Yes, if you have concerns about the decision/recommendations made reguarding your student's placement in the SALTA Magnet Program, an appeals process will be made available.
  • I currently have a 3rd grade student in the SALTA Magnet Program; do I have to fill out a Request for Testing Form?
    • Yes, you still must complete the online application process.  All 3rd grade students who are currently enrolled in the SALTA Magnet Program will be formally evaluated for advancement in the program for 4th grade.  Testing for 3rd grade SALTA students will be scheduled during regular school hours and will take place in their classroom.
  • Does my child need to test if he is currently a 5th grade SALTA student to be accepted into the middle school SALTA program?
    • No, if your student is currently in a 5th grade SALTA classroom at one of our SALTA elementary classrooms at either Peruvian Park or Sunrise, they are not required to complete the SALTA application or retest to continue in the SALTA program in Middle School.