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Behavior Instructional Priorities

PBIS in Canyons School District

  • 3-5 easily remembered, school behavioral expectations taught in all areas in the building (e.g. be safe, be kind, be responsible)
  • Rules Matrices developed that clearly articulates what acceptable behavior looks like in all settings (hallway, classrooms, cafeteria, restroom, playground)
  • BLT and PBIS school and district representatives collaborating with teachers to implement PBIS school wide and in the classroom and using data to impact decisions about problem behavior areas
  • Major and minor behavioral offenses clearly defined, reported and recorded
  • Effective classroom management plans, which include establishing and teaching rules and expectations and then reinforcing appropriate behavior for all students, while consistently correcting behavioral errors and re-teaching behavior skill deficits (see "middle and high school" for examples) 

PBIS-On the Bus

For Parents

For Schools

  • PBIS for buses lesson plan
  • Letter to Principals
  • Behavior intervention flow chart for bus drivers

For Drivers

Driver training resources

PBIS-Tiered Instruction

PBIS is a part of tiered instruction.

  • Tier 1 includes teaching of expectations and behavioral supports school wide
  • Tier 2 includes providing behavior supports for students requiring additional support beyond core behavioral instruction
  • Tier 3 includes providing intensive behavioral support for a few students who need intensive levels of support