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Canyons Secondary Dual Language Immersion
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Welcome to Secondary Dual Language.  Click Here for program information

The dual immersion program is designed to build academic fluency in both  English and a second language. Students have the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in two languages. 
The program has three goals:
  • Bilingualism: High levels of proficiency in English and in a second language (Chinese, French, Spanish)
  • Biliteracy: High levels of academic achievement in English and in Spanish in all content areas
  • Multicultural Competence: Understanding different cultures and development of high esteem Canyons District is proud to offer the Dual Language Immersion Program in the following Secondary schools:
Canyons District is proud to offer the Dual Language Immersion Program in the following Secondary schools in the 2018-2019 school year:
  • Butler Middle School - (Chinese & French)
  • Draper Park Middle School - (Chinese & French)
  • Indian Hills Middle School - (Chinese)
  • Midvale Middle School - (Spanish)
  • Mt. Jordan Middle School - (Spanish)
  • Union MIddle School - (Spanish)
  • Alta Hish School - (Chinese)
  • Brighton - (Chinese & French)
  • Corner Canyon High School - (Chinese & French)
  • Hillcrest - (Spanish)
  • Jordan High School - (Spanish)