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AVID Curriculum

The AVID elective class meets during the regular school day and is part of each AVID student's schedule. All AVID elective sections follow the same weekly schedule, with curriculum days, group tutorial days, and motivational activities. 
On the curriculum days, teachers focus on the AVID "WICOR" methodologies: writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading. In addition, the curriculum days help students develop their abilities to take notes, manage time, set goals, and study effectively. On tutorial days, students prepare questions on challenging material in their core classes, present these questions to each other in small groups, and work collaboratively to help everyone understand each presented problem. The tutorial groups are facilitated by specially trained college students and recent graduates. In Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chairs activities, which may be held on curriculum days or tutorial days, students learn how to discuss difficult issues and support their opinions with evidence. Students participate in motivational and team-building activities, including college and career activities, guest speeches by college representatives and local professionals, and field trips to colleges and universities. 
·AVID Curriculum: Using AVID's "WICOR" curriculum, which focuses on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading, students learn and practice their analytical skills. They also learn how to take notes, manage time, set goals, and organize their schoolwork.
·Tutorials: Students prepare questions from their core classes and present them in small groups during inquiry-based tutorials facilitated by college students and recent graduates.
·Special Activities: Students submit binders for grading, participate in team-building activities, listen to guest speakers, and go on field trips to local colleges and universities.